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St Joseph Villa Hospice

Services Provided

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St Joseph Villa Hospice utilizes a team of highly qualified professionals from many disciplines and experienced volunteers. All team members specialize in easing the physical, emotional and spiritual pain that often accompanies a life-threatening illness.

The Hospice team works closely with the patient's personal physician to ensure coordination and continuity of care.

The patient and family are always at the center of the St. Joseph Villa Hospice Team.

Physical Comfort

We promote physical well-being by:

  • Providing skilled nursing care and expert pain and symptom management

  • Assisting with activities of daily living and personal care while preserving patient dignity

  • Utilizing integrative therapies

  • Teaching and educating families and caregivers about all aspects of physical care​

Spiritual Comfort

We recognize and honor every patient's spirituality as a very personal practice by:

  • Providing counseling and support through dialogue, prayer, music care, and/or religious readings

  • Including community clergy, if desired by patient or family

  • Assisting with planning memorial services

Emotional Comfort

We offer compassionate support by:

  • Providing peace of mind by being available 24 hours/day, 7 days/week

  • Facilitating open discussions about end of life choices, including goals for care and funeral arrangements

  • Honoring patient and family choices

  • Providing grief support according to individual need

Financial Peace of Mind

We assist patients and families with financial concerns by:

  • Verifying insurance benefits and ensuring patients and families understand any potential out of pocket expenses, if any

  • Connecting families with financial, legal, and other community resources as needed

  • Providing care to those who qualify for hospice regardless of their ability to pay

Additional Services

  • All hospice-related medications are fully covered and delivered right to your door

  • All hospice-related medical equipment is fully covered and delivered right to your door

  • All hospice-related supplies are fully covered and delivered right to your door

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